Honey-Nut Peach Cake

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Our own Georgia twist on a classic Southern recipe. Honey-Nut Peach cake is loaded with fresh Koinonia pecans and chopped peaches. A healthier alternative to standard fruitcake, but still rich and delicious! All our cakes are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

-Handmade in small batches in the Koinonia Farm Bakery
-Made with biologically grown Koinonia pecans, chopped peaches, dates, raisins, sweet potatoes, and honey
-Available in a 1 lb 5 oz cake
-Favorite ways to enjoy Honey Nut Peach Cake: with a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, slathered with Peanut or Pecan Butter, or by itself for a breakfast, dessert, or an afternoon snack.

Try our delicious Date Nut Bread- also perfect with a cup of coffee for breakfast or with nut butter as an afternoon snack!

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Ted May 19th 2022


I loved this cake. So many different fruits and pecans, of course. Eat small pieces, though. It is very rich and you need to chew many times. It will fill you up in no time!! Enjoy!!

Patricia C Schwarzlander May 18th 2022

Honey Peach cake, Chocolate, Nuts

The cake was absolutely delicious as every other product I have ever ordered from Koinonia! Peanuts are fresh - good to eat alone or to use with Thai dishes. Pecans super good- great alone or in baking. Dark Chocolate is the BEST Thanks! I have used your products since the 1940s

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