Organic Pecans & Peanuts

Koinonia grows, harvests, and hand sorts the finest pecans you can find anywhere. Did you know we are one of only two organic-certified pecan growers in the state of Georgia? Well, we are!
Our partner in peanuts (definitely not in crime!) is the Georgia Organic Peanut Association (GOPA). We work with them to provide you the freshest locally-grown organic peanuts around!
Pecans: From classic plain pecan halves to the smoky delight of hickory smoked pecans and the sweet spice of cinnamon-spiced pecans, there’s a perfect pecan for every palate.
Peanuts: Enjoy the crunchy goodness of our peanuts, expertly roasted to perfection. Whether you’re munching on our classic roasted peanuts or spreading our creamy peanut butter, each bite is a testament to Koinonia’s commitment to excellence.
Each product is a delicious way to support Koinonia Farm’s enduring legacy. By choosing the pecans & peanuts we sell, you’re joining a tradition of love, care, and dedication that spans generations. Perfect for snacking, cooking, or gifting, our pecans and peanuts are sure to bring joy and flavor to your table.

All Koinonia Pecans are Hand Sorted Right Here on the Farm!

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