All Natural Peanut Butter


Our healthy, low-sodium peanut butter contains nothing but 100% freshly roasted, Georgia-grown peanuts ground to perfection. No added salt or preservatives! Pure and simple, this is some of the best nut butter around.

-Handmade in the Koinonia Farm Bakery
-Made with organic peanuts
-Available in a 10 oz tub or 20 oz tub
-Favorite ways to enjoy- peanut butter cookies, sesame noodles, and, of course, PB&J sandwiches with Koinonia's Muscadine Grape Jelly.

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12 Reviews

Barbarajene Feb 13th 2023

fresh ground peanut butter

This organic peanut butter is just plum delicious and supports a sustainably responsible community.

Constance Feb 8th 2022

Peanut Butter

I always buy 4 tubs at a time, never buy peanut butter anywhere else--and have to order with some frequency because I don't just use it on toast...I also eat it straight out of the container (dip spoon directly into container,, pull it out, and, behold! you have a healthy lollipop! Always works wonders...

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