100% Natural Pecan Butter

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It worked so well for peanuts, we tried it with pecans! This 8 oz tub of delicious homemade butter is lightly sweet -- naturally so, thanks to our biologically grown Koinonia pecans. No added ingredients, just lightly roasted fresh pecan pieces, so our Pecan Butter is cholesterol-free and low in sodium, too. Pure and simple, these are some of the best nut butters around.

-Handmade in the Koinonia Farm Bakery
-Made with biologically grown Koinonia Farm pecans
-Available in an 8 oz tub
-Favorite ways to enjoy- slathered on Honey Nut Peach Cake or Date Nut Bread, on a sandwich, or straight off the knife!

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2 Reviews

Carter West Dec 30th 2018

Pecan butter

Where has this been all my life? Somehow contrives to be better than pecans themselves: a rounder, fuller flavor. I'm on my third and fourth tub now – yummy!

Marie K Wilson Sep 22nd 2018

Pecan butter

Rather dry,but rather tasty.

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