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Explore the thoughtful selection of Gift Boxes, Gift Certificates, & Gifts That Give from Koinonia Farm. 
Our Gift Boxes are perfect for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion. Choose from the 3, 5, or 7 item gift box then select from the list of your Koinonia Farm favorites. Koinonia's curated gift boxes feature a delightful assortment of our finest products, perfect for any occasion.
Are you searching for a gift in honor of or in memory of a family member or friend?
Choose from a unique selection of Gifts That Give. A donation for any of these items is tax-deductible:
  • Backpacks for Hospitality Beyond Borders provide clothing for detainees who are being deported from nearby Stewart Detention Center.
  • Bricks for the Commemorative Brick Project help pave pathways and prayer gardens around the farm and fund Koinonia’s various ministries.
  • Sponsor a Guest provides a meal and a night's stay at Koinonia for those who may not be able to afford it. Koinonia does not turn people. You can help us cover costs.
  • Sponsor an Intern - The Internship Program is one of our three main ministries on the farm. Interns are not charged and help to cover the cost of providing housing, utilities, food, and other supplies is most helpful.
  • Sponsor a Camper -  Koinonia offers a summer camp and is always looking for ways to expand our work with youth. Most of our campers cannot afford to pay anything to attend. Your support of one or more campers truly can turn a life around.
Still can't decide?
A Gift Certificate offers flexibility, allowing your loved ones to choose their favorites from our wide range of farm-fresh goods. With every purchase, you support our mission of peace, equality, and sustainable farming, making your gift meaningful and impactful.

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