Shelled Pecan Halves


These delicious Pecan Halves are premium quality, full size halves, hand-selected at Koinonia Farm. We are proud of our diligence in pecan harvesting and sorting, and often hear compliments about the unparalleled quality of our pecans!

-Full Size Halves
-Hand sorted for best quality nuts
-Sustainably Grown on Koinonia Farm
-Available in 1 lb bag, 1 lb 8 oz reusable tin (perfect for gifts!), 5 lb bag
-Favorite uses: high-protein afternoon snack, yogurt topping for breakfast, in any favorite baked good recipe


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42 Reviews

Ann Aug 30th 2020

Shelled Pecan Halves

Fresh! Luscious! Big! Beautiful!
Eat slowly to savor taste.
Keep the memory to bring good taste
to your future.

Anita Wallace Aug 23rd 2020

Excellent nuts for decades

My mother started buying her pecans from you about 50 years ago, buying a case and sharing some with me since I was in college. She’s 93 and her baking has slowed down. I continue to buy from you because of the high quality of these pecans and because I support your mission. As I was placing this order my husband told me that another source had their pecans on sale. I told him that I would only buy them from Koinonia.

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