Hickory Smoked Pecans


Our famous Hickory Smoked Pecans are made from sustainably grown Koinonia pecan halves. They're hand-sorted, dusted with salt and spices, and smoked over local wood for 12-16 hours in small batches. Our smokehouse was built by Clarence Jordan himself, and was originally used for smoking hams, so our Hickory Smoked Pecans can be considered edible history!

-Full Size Pecan Halves dusted with salt and spices
-Hand sorted for best quality nuts
-Sustainably grown on Koinonia Farm
-Available in 8 oz bag and 1 lb bag
-Favorite uses: Afternoon snack or mixed with a bag of Koinonia Party Mix for a fancy, savory

“Koinonia discovered that smoked pecans were good after their pecans were ‘smoked’ accidentally in a warehouse fire. They decided to smoke them on purpose after that. But now we don’t have to wait for a warehouse fire-- we do it in our own smokehouse for fourteen hours over a low hickory fire, then delicately butter and salt them. They come out crisp and delicious.” -Koinonia Newsletter 1973


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17 Reviews

BJC Nov 27th 2020

hickory smoked pecans

These are so delicious! I have gotten them for several years as wonderful gifts to give special folks, and of course I keep a couple of bags for myself. Thank you, Koinonia!

M Johnston Sep 18th 2020

Smoked pecans

Outstanding quality and flavor. Each pecan half is fresh and plump with flavor. Outstanding customer service. Other companies I order from blame the USPS, etc for slow service but I always get my order from Koinonia in a timely manner! Don’t bother with old, stale, dry, and rancid grocery store pecans. Go right to the source and enjoy!

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