Hickory Smoked Pecans

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Our famous Hickory Smoked Pecans are made from biologically grown Koinonia pecan halves. They're hand-sorted, dusted with salt and spices, and smoked over local wood for 12-16 hours in small batches. Our smokehouse was built by Clarence Jordan himself, and was originally used for smoking hams, so our Hickory Smoked Pecans can be considered edible history!

-Full Size Pecan Halves dusted with salt and spices
-Hand sorted for best quality nuts
-Biologically grown on Koinonia Farm
-Available in 8 oz bag and 1 lb bag
-Favorite uses: Afternoon snack or mixed with a bag of Koinonia Party Mix for a fancy, savory

“Koinonia discovered that smoked pecans were good after their pecans were ‘smoked’ accidentally in a warehouse fire. They decided to smoke them on purpose after that. But now we don’t have to wait for a warehouse fire-- we do it in our own smokehouse for fourteen hours over a low hickory fire, then delicately butter and salt them. They come out crisp and delicious.” -Koinonia Newsletter 1973

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3 Reviews

Lenny Jordan Nov 2nd 2018

Real Hickory Smoke

If you visit the farm, walk by the smokehouse or better yet, step inside. The Hickory chips that flavor these pecans may be new, but the buildup of that good old hickory smoke permeates the air from decades of smoking hams and pecans. Growing up, part of our work was to check the smokehouse to be sure the chips were still burning slowly and the smokehouse was the right temperature. Of course quality control was important and a small handful of nuts to taste was always required. The hams always took a long time and then were aged. We quit selling country cured hams because the best ones were covered in beneficial mold. It was heartbreaking to hear that someone received it and thought it was spoiled... Pecans never needed mold and folks would try them and realize they were amazing. I still remember the hams, but am happy to at least taste the nuts from the same smokehouse. Order and enjoy a handful of nuts from a real smokehouse...

Bob Wilcox Oct 28th 2018

Hickory smoked pecans

Great snack! Not too salty, right amount of smoke flavor.

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