Pecan Pieces


Koinonia Farm's fresh, biologically grown, hand-sorted pecan pieces are the perfect size for baking, sprinkling into salads or yogurt, and as a high-protein snack! Try lightly toasting them on a dry skillet to bring out even more robust flavor, or use as-is.

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P Chu Jul 17th 2020

best pecans

Best pecans you'll ever eat. They're a staple in our house. I've given up on pretending that 1-pound bags make any sense for us -- we eat pecans in everything from yogurt to orzo dishes, give our grown children honking piles of pecans, and feel so fortunate to feel the abundance that comes in a 5 pound bag. Whenever I run low and buy from a grocery store, I kick myself afterwards -- they're nowhere near and fresh and robust. These are the best -- and they come with the wonderful karma of the Koinonia farm. Win, win, win.


pecan pieces

Great for cookies

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