Pecan Pieces


Koinonia Farm's fresh, biologically grown, hand-sorted pecan pieces are the perfect size for baking, sprinkling into salads or yogurt, and as a high-protein snack! Try lightly toasting them on a dry skillet to bring out even more robust flavor, or use as-is.

-Hand sorted for best quality nuts
-Biologically Grown on Koinonia Farm
-Available in 1 lb bag, 5 lb bag, and 28lb bulk bag
-Favorite uses: Baking, salad topping, extra protein for a snack, in yogurt for breakfast


We are currently using Pecan Pieces from an organic partner with the same quality and commitment to organic farming you've come to know from Koinonia Farm.


Subscription option available - Simply choose the subscription option below for 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks. You'll receive your Koinonia products at the time interval you selected automatically! No need to re-order or run out of anything before remembering to order again. You'll even get a 10% discount when you subscribe.

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70 Reviews

Betty Hanson Jul 22nd 2023

Pecan pieces

I have bought 5 lbs of pecan pieces so often over the years that I just started a subscription for an order to be delivered every 8 week. Great idea.

Diane Apr 10th 2023

Pecan Pieces

These pecan pieces are the best! I use for baking, in salads, in oatmeal, in granola, wherever! They are the highest quality. Thank you for always being so prompt and efficient with the ordering process.

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