Pecan Pieces


Koinonia Farm's fresh, biologically grown, hand-sorted pecan pieces are the perfect size for baking, sprinkling into salads or yogurt, and as a high-protein snack! Try lightly toasting them on a dry skillet to bring out even more robust flavor, or use as-is.

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Bert Skellie Jul 13th 2019

Pecan pieces

We keep these pieces in the freezer until they are used up, and we order more! Great to add to a salad, a stir fry or just to eat as a snack!

Betty Hanson Jan 28th 2019

5 lb bag of pecan pieces

These pecans form my basic diet for lunch every day in a pear salad. I have ordered 10 lbs at a time about 3 times a year many times. I keep them in a freezer. Shipping always gets them here in good time so there is no deterioration. Having them in pieces means I do not have to break them up. For me these pecans are an essential food.

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