Cranberry Granola

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Our Cranberry Granola is a light and delicious snack any time of day. Koinonia’s biologically grown pecan pieces, slivered almonds, coconut, and of course plenty of dried cranberries, make for a sweet treat that's sure to bring you a burst of energy. Enjoy it on the go or at your breakfast table.

-Contains Koinonia’s own biologically grown pecan pieces, silvered almonds, coconut, and dried cranberries with no hydrogenated oils.
-Handmade in the Koinonia Farm Bakery
-Available in a 1 lb. bag
-Favorite uses: yogurt topping, breakfast cereal, however else you eat your favorite granola

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8 Reviews

Kerri Drylie Nov 30th 2020

Great Granola!

Finally, granola I can feel good about! Fresh and delicious all on its own without all that added stuff. I highly recommend Koinonia Farm granola! Love the cranberries!

tom key Nov 6th 2020

Cranberry Granola

I've lived many decades, care about the taste and about the nutritional value of the food I eat, and about equity for those who make it accessible to me, and this is THE BEST GRANOLA - that's anywhere, anytime, anyway. YUM and THANK YOU.

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