Blueberry Granola

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Chock full of biologically grown pecan pieces, organic Georgia-grown peanuts, and slivered almonds, we also add plenty of fresh dried blueberries straight from the berry patch. Our summer interns and visitors provide the many extra hands it takes to bring in the harvest so we can sweeten up your breakfast table. Available for a limited time, order yours while it lasts!

-Contains Koinonia’s own biologically grown pecan pieces, organic Georgia-grown peanuts, and silvered almonds with no hydrogenated oils.
-Handmade in the Koinonia Farm Bakery
-Available in 1 lb bag
-Favorite uses: yogurt topping, breakfast cereal, however else you eat your favorite granola
-Only offered while supplies last!

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6 Reviews

Arlen Bynum Mar 16th 2021

Delicious, hearty granola

This granola is loaded with goodies - pecans, blueberries, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, oh and of course oats. It is hard to find a store-bought granola that is not loaded with sugar and oil. I appreciate the touch of sweetness from brown sugar and honey that this granola has. It has just enough sweetness in my opinion to eat by itself, but has room to add a little drizzle of honey on top or what have you for a touch more sweetness if desired. When I have fresh blueberries to add to it I think that makes it just about the perfect breakfast or hearty snack.

Kerri Drylie Nov 30th 2020

Can't wait to get up in the morning!

Finally, granola I can feel good about! Fresh and delicious all on its own without all that added stuff. I highly recommend Koinonia Farm granola! They grow their own blueberries!

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