The Inconvenient Gospel

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From Plough Publishing's Spiritual Guides Series - The Inconvenient Gospel: A Southern Prophet Tackles War, Wealth, Race, and Religion. Edited by Frederick L. Downing, this selection of Clarence Jordan's talks and writings introduces his radically biblical vision to a new generation of peacemakers and community builders.

Starlette Thomas wrote in her introduction: “In Jordan, I stumbled upon a guide who knew exactly where I expected my faith to take me, who shared my convictions, and whose faith had led him to defy the status quo. A Greek-reading green thumb, Clarence Jordan stuck out to me. I couldn’t unsee the cotton patch evidence.
There is a generation that wants to see something different. And we are willing to go to the ends of the earth, and back in time, to find those who know the way–a way out of racialized identities and hierarchical forms of belonging in a capitalist society. For me and for many others, Clarence Jordan is one of those. A patron saint of community-builders, he still speaks to those who feel called to defy race and its categorized way of living. He inspires us to lay to rest this segregated expression of church and demonstrate a better way.”

Bren Dubay: "Dallas Lee said of Clarence Jordan, “The promise of something wise or something fun or just something good to know danced in this man’s eyes.” That wisdom, that fun, that good dances in his words too. Every chapter of this book illustrates that. As a member of the koinonia Clarence cofounded, I’ll return to these pages as a guide, but anyone reading them can expect to be challenged and perhaps even changed."

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1 Review

Amy Robinson Nov 2nd 2022

Accessible and powerful

I love this edition of Clarence Jordan’s writing. The selections are short, which allows for frequent reads and rereads, but such is the consistency of Jordan’s ideas and the clarity of his expression is that every sentence seems to carry the DNA of his larger project, and my mind turns often to how I can live out his teachings.

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