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Sponsor a community meal. A gift of $100 will cover the cost of a lunch and a gift of $75 will cover the cost of a dinner (the crowd is usually larger at lunch). A portion of your gift will go to cover the cost of the meal and the balance to support Koinonia's hospitality ministry

Even if you can’t join us for every community meal, you can still be a part! Your donation provides a weekday meal for our community members, guests, neighbors, interns, staff, those in need and anyone else who is sharing a meal with us that day.

Hospitality and welcome have been at the core of Koinonia since our beginning in 1942. People come to for a myriad of reasons, but no matter why they come, we welcome them with good food, a warm bed (if needed), and a joyous heart. Throughout the years, we have welcomed thousands of people to our demonstration plot here in Southwest Georgia. Regardless of race, religion, no religion, background or anything else that divides people, all are welcome.

Help Koinonia to continue to welcome all.

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1 Review

Scott Umstattd Dec 18th 2023

A Koinonia Cornerstone

Taking part in helping to provide a lunch at Koinonia is truly a pleasure. Many of my memories of Koinonia are centered around sharing lunch with Koinonia's members and volunteers. It gives me a sense of pride and purpose to help continue this tradition that, to me, is a cornerstone of what makes Koinonia such a special place. Blessings.

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