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This is the story of Millard and Linda Fuller's journey to Bokotola, a wide swath of land in Zaire (currently known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo). They traveled there in the mid 1970's to experiment with Koinonia's Partnership Housing movement abroad, and their experience was the springboard for Habitat for Humanity International. This is the story of the foundation for both HFHI and the Fuller Center for Housing, as told first-hand by the founder himself. Paperback. 177 pages.

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david robinson Feb 22nd 2022

Insight into to the roots of Habitat for Humanity

This narrative fills in some significant details regarding the precursor projects in Zaire that later evolved into the Habitat for Humanity. The involvement of Koinonia in this process are clearly explained. Also, the fact that Millard and Linda Fuller connected with Koinonia on the recommendation of Southern Poverty Law Center co-founder Morris Dees is of interest, in that it reveals a link between the three organizations: Koinonia, SPLC, and Habitat for Humanity. The proximity of Koinonia to Plains, home of Jimmy Carter, accounts for Carter's involvement in both Koinonia and Habitat.

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