A Way of Prayer

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A Way of Prayer is the first of a series of short reflections from Koinonia. It tells the story of Clare, a guest to Koinonia Farm who does not claim any religion and is curious about the life at Koinonia. Through her eyes, we see the rhythms of prayer, as well as work, study, service, and fellowship, practiced by Koinonia Farm.

The purpose of this series of short writings is to share with the reader tops of interest to the community. Some give a glimpse into our life and work. Others focus on a wider range of subjects with which we are involved. Guided by Koinonia's vision -- love through service to others, joy through generous hospitality, and peace through reconciliation -- our desire for this series is that it provides information, sparks discussion, and invites participation.

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- A Way of Prayer by Bren Dubay
-24 Pages
-Printed in the U.S. on recyclable paper

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3 Reviews

Hartmut Fege Feb 18th 2021

A Way Of Prayer

Initially I ordered one copy for my self and then ordered several more for friends and family. Rather than explain what Koinonia is about, I give them the Way of Prayer.

S. Christine Wiltrakis Dec 18th 2019

A Way of Prayer

It is a small book. It's title has a simplicity about it. Yet I found "A Way of Prayer" an enjoyable and wise adventure as I journeyed with Clare ! She visits Koinonia with cautious curiosity about the daily rhythm of this community of women and men whose warm hospitality and invitational welcome have some special connection to the bell that rings at 10 AM, 3 PM and 8 PM. I encourage seekers to join me in following Clare through her brief stay at Koinonia Farms. You will receive such a gentle introduction to the place of prayer in life. Better yet, come and experience this for yourself!

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