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Our Gift Boxes are perfect for any holiday, birthday, or special occasion. Choose three of your Koinonia Farm favorites and your selections will be packed neatly into a box with recycled green crinkle paper. You can also include a personal note for your loved one. Free shipping to all 50 states.

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6 Reviews

Linda Henson Apr 16th 2020

This gift was for me. I really enjoyed it.

I didn't want to chance going to the store for snacks. I had had the snack mix before and really enjoyed it. I bought 2 bags of snack mix and 1 bag of smoked pecans. I was going to mix them, but I ate the snack mix by itself before I had made enough room in the bags to add the pecans. Now I am really loving the smoked pecans: the smoky flavor is so natural, it tastes and smells just like a campfire. Once I visited some friends in Tennessee who had a wood stove for cooking and heating, and everything cooked--even the wonderful grits, bacon and peaches for breakfast--tasted subtly like these pecans. I can savor them more gradually. Just wonderful.

Janet Mar 3rd 2019

Gift box

My gift arrived very quickly and my aunt said it all was delicious: Smoked Pecans, Pecan Brittle & Oat Nut Granola. I also enjoy supporting the Koinonia Community.

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