Many people ask us why we can’t offer free shipping like some other big mail order businesses. As much as we would love to provide that service to our customers, there are a few big reasons we are not able to do this:

  • We have to pay companies like USPS, FedEx, and UPS to ship your pecans from our farm in Southwest Georgia to wherever you are in the world. When you pay for shipping, you are merely reimbursing what we had to pay those carriers to get your products to you. We don’t make any profit off of shipping and handling costs.
  • Most companies that do offer “free shipping” actually offer “included shipping.” They have raised their prices to cover the cost of shipping and are marketing it as “free shipping.” We have not done this.
  • Some big companies get discounted rates on shipping. We are a small business and have to pay full price to the carriers for shipping. We also do not get large discounts on shipping materials - everything from the boxes and tape to the compostable packing peanuts cost us money.

The good news is that when you purchase from Koinonia Farm, you are supporting a small business, non-profit organization, and an intentional community working to serve others around the world. So here’s why we think you should shop at Koinonia even though we don’t have free shipping:

  • Every purchase supports the community at Koinonia which then allows us to keep up our vision of “love through service to others, joy through generous hospitality, and peace through reconciliation.” This is how we make a living - through our mail order business. This keeps us afloat so we can use donations and other resources to serve others locally and around the world.
  • We care about sustainable packaging and are always looking for ways to offset carbon emissions, etc. We use compostable packing peanuts, recycled crinkle paper, and are looking into expanding our recycle-able packing.
  • We have the best quality products, handmade or grown sustainably. Whether it’s organic pecans, Fair Trade chocolate, Fair Trade and Organic olive oils from Palestine, or handmade candles from Columbus, Ohio, you can be sure all the products we sell align with our values.
  • You can always expect good customer service - because we are a small team, we can offer more personal customer service and we become friends with our customers who come back to order year after year.

We are a small business run by a small community of people trying to feed the hungry, physically and spiritually. We appreciate each and every purchase, big or small, that comes through our store. Thank you for your continued support.