What is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner

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What is God Like? by Rachel Held Evans and Matthew Paul Turner - a beautifully illustrated children's hardcover picture book with a great message!

From the publisher-

The late, beloved Rachel Held Evans answers many children’s first question about God in this gorgeous picture book, fully realized by her friend Matthew Paul Turner, the bestselling author of When God Made You.

Children who are introduced to God, through attending church or having loved ones who speak about God, often have a lot of questions, including this ever-popular one: What is God like? The late Rachel Held Evans loved the Bible and loved showing God’s love through the words and pictures found in that ancient text. Through these pictures from the Bible, children see that God is like a shepherd, God is like a star, God is like a gardener, God is like the wind, and more. God is a comforter and support.

And whenever a child is unsure, What Is God Like? encourages young hearts to “think about what makes you feel safe, what makes you feel loved, and what makes you feel brave. That’s what God is like.”

Product Details:

-40 pages
-3-7 years old
-Children's Picture Book

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1 Review

William Kruse Jan 3rd 2023

What is God Like?

I love this book and find it great for children of all ages including some who are adults. I found it to have been done is such a way that all can "access" it from whatever background they come from.

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