Organic Maftoul (Couscous)

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Maftoul is a traditional artisan food made from whole wheat bulgur and flour. Canaan Women’s Cooperatives make Maftoul according to tradition by spreading bulgur on a tray, sprinkling it with water, then dusting it with whole wheat flour and hand rolling the bulgur into pearls. Maftoul is steamed in a colander, then dried so this handcrafted goodness can be shared with the world. Traditionally, Maftoul is prepared with chicken stock, tomato sauce and chick peas, a favorite winter meal in Palestine. Enjoy its satisfying texture topped with your favorite stew or served cold as a salad tossed with fresh herbs and dried fruit.

250g Box.

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5 Reviews

Nancy Jun 6th 2021


Very good. Nice to find both whole grain and organic. I Iike it just as well without the initial coating in oil.

Tricia Popp Jan 7th 2021

Best Couscous!

I enjoyed this so much I ordered it as a gift for special friends. I am so happy to have received it as a gift myself. Another great product, Koinonia!

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