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Freekeh (free kee) is the traditional flame roasted green wheat of Palestine. It has been prepared in Palestine for centuries, since they have known wheat. In general daily use in Palestine, it is a more nutritious and delicious alternative to rice, with 3 times the fiber of brown rice and more vitamins and minerals. In soup, it thickens naturally with a wonderful smokey flavor. Canaan’s Freekeh comes from their fair trade farmers' naturally organic Palestinian 'Anbar wheat, from the Marj Ben Amer fertile plain area known as the breadbasket of Palestine. Freekeh is harvested in May when the wheat is still green and the grains are milky. According to tradition, the farmers harvest the shafts and dry them in small piles in the sun for a day, then set them on fire to burn off the straw and chaff. The high moisture content of the seeds keeps them from burning. Next they dry the seeds and rub or roll (freekeh comes from the word 'to rub' in Arabic) to further separate the husks, dry again and grind to crack the kernels into smaller pieces so they look like green bulgur. Our fair trade Freekeh will be good for three years. Like all fine grains, it can be frozen for long-term storage, or refrigerated to keep its fresh flavor. Ingredients: flame roasted, dried green wheat.

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2 Reviews

Danny Sep 15th 2021


This is a very high quality brand of freekeh. With freekeh in particular as far as grains go, the quality really matters. So this is a top brand to pick. I’ve started substituting it for rice and it has a beautiful smoky flavor that I love. 10/10 recommend!

Beverly Sep 19th 2019


I eat whole grains every day and I'm so glad I found this one. The texture is lovely, alone or in combination with vegetables, and the smokey flavor is both subtle and distinctive. It cooks quickly, freezes well, and thaws quickly. I'd been warned by friends that the quality of freekeh products can be variable, but the quality of Canaan freekeh is excellent. I also appreciate the fact that every step from growing to distribution appears to be done in a socially conscious manner.

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