Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark

Sorry it is too hot for chocolate. We will ship again in the spring.

Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark combines Fair Trade Certified Dark Chocolate with Biologically Grown Koinonia Pecans to create a perfectly sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy treat. Koinonia Farm has offered chocolates in their catalog since 1966!

-53% cocoa content
-Fair Trade Certified Chocolate
-Biologically Grown Pecans
-Hand poured in small batches and packaged all in the bakery at Koinonia Farm
-Available in 4 oz bag, 1 lb. Tin reusable tin (great for gifts!), 5 lb. bag

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15 Reviews

John Surr May 12th 2019

Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark

We have been addicted to Koinonia's dark chocolate pecan bark since we started ordering from Koinonia about 20 years ago. Now we routinely have pieces after lunch and dinner, as our "medication" of flavonids to prevent or delay dementia. And to improve our moods generally. So far it works on both counts.
We have tried numerous other dark chocolate products, but Koinonia's always is the best. When we run out, due to the summer, we really miss it.

Melvin Burrowes Apr 14th 2019

Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark

This is the best dark chocolate product I have ever had, and my wife prided herself on her love of chocolate and tasted nearly every product out there. I now reserve chocolate for special occasions, and look to Koinonia Farm exclusively. I just ordered two one pound tins to supplement the morning refreshments after our church's sunrise worship service!

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