Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark


Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark combines Fair Trade Certified Dark Chocolate with Biologically Grown Koinonia Pecans to create a perfectly sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy treat. Koinonia Farm has offered chocolates in their catalog since 1966!

-53% cocoa content
-Fair Trade Certified Chocolate
-Biologically Grown Pecans
-Hand poured in small batches and packaged all in the bakery at Koinonia Farm
-Available in 4 oz bag, 1 lb. Tin reusable tin (great for gifts!), 5 lb. bag

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dark chocolate pecan bark

It is delicious and I may buy it again. It is very expensive though.

John Surr Mar 1st 2019

Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark

For years we have consumed quantities of Dark Chocolate Pecan Bark from Koinonia, because simply it's the best product out there. Other dark chocolate products lack Koinonia's unique combination of just right texture, terrific taste, and excellent pecans from a truly worthy enterprise. We get the big bags, because we consume it after almost every lunch and dinner, believing in the medicinal properties of its flavonids and giving our moods a boost. The only reason we didn't give the product 5 stars is that we occasionally get a bag that is not up to the usual standard. Perhaps that's because each shipment is created, produced, and put together by hand.

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