YippiYappa Game

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From Buena Onda Games: "Great from campsites to kitchen tables, from dorm rooms to conference rooms, YippiYappa now has 15 games and growing for 2-4 players.  Dump out the balls, pick the game and the teams and have at it.  Kit contains one basket and two teams of 4 color-coded Peloties (mini sacks)."

You can play classic games like H-O-R-S-E, try a new game like Taps or YippiYappa, or create your own game! Learn more game ideas from Buena Onda.

Each bucket and balls design is unique and will be selected at random when you order. It may be a design shown in the photos or a different design.

Koinonia is excited to partner with Buena Onda Games to bring you indoor and outdoor fun for the whole family! Buena Onda Games is all about "having fun and doing good. Each product is handmade by the Maya of Guatemala, weaving together artistic creativity with our fair trade and sustainable principles."


Product Details:
- Fair Trade Cotton, handmade
- Contains one basket and eight balls
-Comes in a variety of designs selected at random when you order
-Great for outdoor or indoor play, packs well, endless games and fun!


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