With Our Own Eyes

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Don Mosley (with Joyce Hollyday) tells the story of Jubilee Partners, a daughter community of Koinonia whose members minister to, and learn from, refugees from around the world. Don's storytelling voice makes this book a real page-turner, as refugee families, joys and challenges, and world events converge upon this little Christian community tucked away in the small town of Comer, GA. The members of Jubilee Partners find out what it means to live in faith - which turns out to be, as Clarence Jordan said, "a life lived in scorn of the consequences."

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david robinson Apr 19th 2019

With Our Own Eyes

A 'coat-tail' purchase when buying Class of '65. A welcome 'sequel', as it deals with Jubilee Partners. Connections to Koinonia, but distinct in time, focus, and geography. Begins with raw land, proceeds to construction of facility and community, and involvement with immigration process. My own introduction to Comer, Georgia (still a white spot on my mental map!). I'd heard of Jubilee Partners, but hadn't recognized it as a distinct identity with links to Koinonia. Glad to be a bit more educated. Not surprised to find links to Americus, Jimmy Carter, Millard and LindaFuller, Habitat for Humanity. Recommended reading for people who regard themselves as concerned with civil rights.

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