Pecan Butter Cookies

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A Koinonia Bakery favorite finally available in the online farm store! These Pecan Butter Cookies have been a staple of the Koinonia community lunch table for years and we are excited to offer them to you. Much like a traditional peanut butter cookie, but we've made it even better with our own fresh pecans ground into a rich, delicious nut butter. We then combine the pecan butter with organic sugar and eggs to make a flavorful cookie that goes great with a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, a glass of milk, or however you like to eat your favorite cookies. Packed in an 8 oz reusable tin, these 1 dozen cookies are a wonderful gift or a delicious snack for your own kitchen. Try some today!

Product Details:
- 8 oz. tin with 1 dozen cookies
-Ingredients: Pecan Butter (ground pecans), organic sugar, eggs.
-Favorite Uses- for breakfast with a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, as an afternoon snack with a glass of milk, after dinner desserts with family and friends.


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2 Reviews

Helen Carlock Jan 24th 2020

Pecan cookies

The cookies are quite good but don't travel well. Several in the tin were broken. Perhaps add some packing material on top of the cookies so they can't move around in the tin.

Helen Lee Turner Jan 3rd 2020

Pecan cookies -- delicious

Cookies are small but rich. Well worth the expense for a special desert. Helen

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