Pecan Butter Cookies

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A Koinonia Bakery favorite finally available in the online farm store! These Pecan Butter Cookies have been a staple of the Koinonia community lunch table for years and we are excited to offer them to you. Much like a traditional peanut butter cookie, but we've made it even better with our own fresh pecans ground into a rich, delicious nut butter. We then combine the pecan butter with organic sugar and eggs to make a flavorful cookie that goes great with a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, a glass of milk, or however you like to eat your favorite cookies. Packed in an 8 oz reusable tin, these 1 dozen cookies are a wonderful gift or a delicious snack for your own kitchen. Try some today!

Product Details:
- 8 oz. tin with 1 dozen cookies
-Ingredients: Pecan Butter (ground pecans), organic sugar, eggs.
-Favorite Uses- for breakfast with a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, as an afternoon snack with a glass of milk, after dinner desserts with family and friends.


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1 Review

Helen Lee Turner Jan 3rd 2020

Pecan cookies -- delicious

Cookies are small but rich. Well worth the expense for a special desert. Helen

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