Jenin Olive Oil

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Jenin is Canaan Palestine's signature olive oil collected from small-scale farmers who live in villages surrounding the Palestinian city of Jenin. Jenin Olive Oil hosts a diverse range of flavors that will add distinction to any salad, spread or special meal. As with all Canaan Palestine's Oils, it is produced in the Holy Land by Fair Trade farmer cooperatives using sustainable practices. Certified Organic and Fair Trade. 250 mL glass bottle.

Since 2004, Koinonia has been working in partnership with the Tree of Life, an organization that provides cultural immersion experiences and educational opportunities in order to bring about a more just and peaceful world. Four Koinonia members have participated in their annual interfaith peace-making journey to Israel and Palestine. We have also hosted several events here in Americus to engage in dialogue and raise awareness of the current situation in the Holy Land. Now, in partnership with Canaan Fair Trade, we are offering a selection of goods made by family-owned cooperatives in Palestine. Canaan farmers use organic agricultural production, and their Fair Trade business practices empower marginalized Palestinian producer communities who are caught in the midst of the conflict. Celebrate this partnership by enjoying their gourmet olive oils, spice blends, and soaps.


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Patricia Storace Apr 3rd 2020

Jenin Olive Oil

Just perfect olive oil, liquid gold.

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