A Way of Prayer Gift Box

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A Way of Prayer Gift Box contains everything you need to spend a cold winter morning! Brew a cup of Fair Trade Coffee, warm up a slice of Date Nut Bread, light your Honey & Fig Candle, and sit in your comfiest chair to read "A Way of Prayer" by Bren Dubay. You'll learn more about the life of prayer at Koinonia Farm and discover ways to participate in that life of prayer no matter where you live. This gift box makes a perfect gift for a loved one who loves to read, is interested in learning more about prayer, or loves curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee.

This gift box includes: "A Way of Prayer" booklet by Bren Dubay, 12 oz. Fair Trade Coffee (Koinonia Blend or Decaf), 1 lb. loaf of Date Nut Bread, and one 4 oz. Honey & Fig candle.

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